Thursday, 5 September 2013



Social history

What animals does the patient have at home, since the whole family is ill?
A buffalo, three pigs and a few chickens.
Hmm could it be zoonotic influenza?
No, it seems like it's just a bad bout of food poisoning.

... nevertheless, never forget to ask about pets!


Eating dogs, not a great idea.

Furious Rabies after an Atypical Exposure


Harm reduction policy

The hospital/pharmacy organised free needle exchange programme for intravenous drug users (IVDU) to prevent HIV/hepatitis B and C transmission but very few people went; turns out as intravenous drug use is illegal as Vietnam, police officers dressed up as social workers and lurked in the centre to arrest IVDUs (they need to arrest a certain number to reach monthly target). What antagonism!

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